After being injured in an accident, you might begin to see all those medical bills come rolling in and start to wonder how you’re going to get them paid. The good news is you are typically entitled to an insurance payout. If that doesn’t workout as you think it should, you can always try to sue the responsible party for your injuries. Not sure what would make a settlement fair? The following are some factors that could be used to determine the value of your settlement.

Hard or Soft Injury

A hard injury is one that is more severe than others. For example, a joint injury, nerve damage, head injury or vertebrae injury are all going to cause lasting effects. They’re more serious than soft injuries such as a sprain or strain. If your injuries are classified as hard injuries, the worth of your settlement could go up.

Type of Treatment

The type of treatment you get and will need in the future could also play a role in determining the worth of your case. For example, you may require a lot of treatment up front, such as surgery and physical therapy, but you could also require medication or other types of therapy moving forward in life. All of these treatments are going to cost a lot. The more treatment your injuries require, the more compensation you can expect to receive. If your injuries don’t require much treatment, possibly only a short period of physical therapy, you probably shouldn’t expect as much.

Physical or Emotional Distress

Something known as “pain and suffering” is a type of compensation many patients often seek. It covers all the emotional and physical pain that resulted from your injuries. If you are dealing with PTSD, the loss of companionship, a loss of the desire to participate in your regular hobbies or other similar issues, your compensation amount could be valued higher. If you’re not really dealing with much in terms of physical or emotional pain, it may not be as high.

Lost Wages

In some cases, you’ll miss work because of your injuries. Perhaps you’ll be in the hospital for a month while you recover from surgery initially. Maybe your injuries will prevent you from getting back to work at all. In any case, when you miss out on receiving your regular wages because of an accident, it can all get added to the worth of your case.

Call Your Lawyer Today

It’s impossible to put an exact number on it right up front, but your lawyer can help you figure out an estimate based on the worth of the issues you’re facing after your accident. Call your abogado de lesiones personales in Canoga Park, CA, like from Unidos Legales, today for help.