The world of personal injury lawsuits can sometimes be a confusing one. There are many details to track, and depending on the type of injury sustained, there may be a variety of documents and forms to fill out. Understanding what types of lawsuits fall under this umbrella term may be helpful if you ever find yourself dealing with a personal injury.

1. Vehicle Accidents 

Motor vehicle accidents commonly cause personal injury lawsuits and include any type of motor vehicle, from cars to big rigs and even motorcycles and recreational vehicles. These types of cases may involve a variety of people, depending on the size of the crash, and often stem from driver inattention, fatigue or because the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Reckless driving may also cause plaintiffs to file for punitive damages, which are designed to punish the other driver for their behavior.

2. Medical Malpractice 

Some injuries can be caused by medical errors that cause catastrophic injury and even death, prompting loved ones to file a personal case on the deceased individual’s behalf. Malpractice issues can involve mishandled surgeries, misdiagnosed disorders that later cause injury and product liability, such as medications that are later proven to cause serious harm. Other cases may include an injury to a newborn during birth, where the doctor caused head or facial trauma while removing the baby from the birth canal.

3. Workplace Injuries 

While workers’ compensation insurance is designed to cover the cost of medical payments to employees who get hurt at work, disputes may arise if the employer or the insurance company does not agree about the nature or seriousness of the injury. Most workplace personal injury lawsuits stem from perceived negligence on the part of the employer, such as if an individual is hurt by a faulty machine or company vehicle.

4. Dog Bites 

Individuals who own dogs are responsible for their behavior, including if they act aggressively and harm other pets or people. Owners who do not have homeowners’ insurance to cover the costs of physical damage may find themselves at the center of a personal injury lawsuit, especially if they know their pets have a history of biting. Dog bites can leave serious physical and mental scars, and the injured person may ask the court for pain and suffering damages for these types of permanent trauma.

There may come a time when circumstances prompt you to file a personal injury lawsuit, and if so, you need not face the future alone. Contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, NV, like from Eric Roy Law Firm, today for further information and advice.