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If you’re looking for a lawyer who can meet your unique goals and needs with “equitas” (Latin for justice, fairness, and equity), look no further than a general practice attorney. Plus, if your legal issues span several areas of law practice, it’s comforting to know that one general practice attorney or law firm can help. A general practice attorney has extensive experience supporting individuals, families, and professionals with both simple and complex legal matters in a wide range of legal practice areas.

General Practice Attorneys Offer a Wide Range of Services

General practice lawyers focus on not one area of law, but in many areas. They handle a variety of legal issues. Because many general practice lawyers are versed in many areas of legal practice, they are particularly useful to individuals and businesses when they need help with various legal issues on a regular basis.

Typically, attorneys who practice general law have a diversity of skills and the experience necessary to meet your most basic to complex legal needs. With extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the law, general practice lawyers can provide the top-notch legal guidance you need on both the personal and professional level.

A general practice lawyer has an expanded focus in multiple areas of law practice. Some areas of focus general law attorneys have may include:


  • Trust, will, and estate planning
  • Residential and commercial real estate
  • Litigation
  • Land use and zoning
  • Corporate law
  • Employment law
  • Divorce and family law
  • Business and corporate law
  • Personal injury
  • Vehicle accidents
  • DUI and traffic violations
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
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General practice lawyers are typically qualified and experienced negotiators and mediators and may have extensive litigation and trial experience. With experience on both the prosecution and defense sides of the law, attorneys who apply general practice law may have a unique perspective that can yield high-quality legal advice and actions.

General Practice Attorneys Understand Your Needs

A general practice attorney can get to know you as an individual and also become familiar with the dynamics and day-to-day needs of your business or corporation. They can be prepared to spring into action when any legal matters arise or monitor the legal aspects of your business and personal life on a continual basis.

A general practice attorney knows and understands that the outcome of your case is vitally important to you. They can represent you with the goal of minimizing the stress and anxiety of the legal process while fighting for the most favorable outcome in any number of cases or legal matters. Plus, since your attorney covers many areas of law rather than a single focus, your representation may be more practical and cost-effective than hiring multiple attorneys who focus on a variety of law specialties.

When you need legal representation from advocates that genuinely care about your best interests and needs, general practice lawyers can help. They can ensure that you completely understand your rights and your options and are fully protected under the law. To find out more about a qualified attorney can meet your unique needs, call a general practice lawyer in your local area to set up a consultation.