When someone considers filing a personal injury claim, the first thing that he or she usually wants to know is how big the settlement might be. While most want enough to at least cover medical bills and other costs associated with the negligence, there are averages and statistics that might help you determine how much you might receive. It’s important to note that these do not predict how much you can ask for.

Average Compensation

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, there is such a wide range of averages that it’s impossible to tell what a case is going to be without knowing the type of case it is. Personal injury is a large umbrella term for a lot of different cases. While the main average is $52,900, the range is between $3,000 and $75,000. So, how do you know how much you deserve? You will not find that answer in the statistics. After all, every case is different from another.

Average Factors

The factors involved in how much of a payout you receive will have everything to do with settlements and trials. Most people settle and do not go to court. The courts are unpredictable and you can never be sure that a jury will see your side. In this instance, it’s better to receive a settlement. The average factors include your injuries and your insurance limits. Obviously, the more you suffered as a result of negligence, the more that you can ask for. You are allowed to ask for compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. The other factor is the insurance limits. Insurance policy limits may keep the settlement offers low.

Negotiation Stage

You can negotiate your settlement. If your lawyer offers the other side a deal and they reject it and come back with a counteroffer, you can continue to negotiate. The two sides can work out a deal between themselves. It’s always best to try to hold out for the best deal possible when it comes to negotiations.

Personal injury cases are not cut and dry. You cannot look at one case and expect that you will receive the same settlement that another person did. Your lawyer can help you determine a ballpark number and you can fight for the compensation that you deserve. While no two lawsuits are alike, it does help to understand the average numbers. To find out what you might deserve, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.


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