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There’s no doubt that getting hit by a car while on a bike can be a terrifying experience. A bicyclist may suffer from painful injuries due to the direct impact, and from collapsing to the ground after being clipped. The luckiest of bicyclist may walk away with minor injuries, such as a scraped knee, a couple of mild bruises, and no bicycle damage. But for others, the crash may have caused serious injuries like a concussion, broken bones, and emotional trauma. If this has happened to you or a loved one recently, you do not have to accept your physical injuries and financial loss. You can fight for restitution with assistance from an attorney.

Take Action Despite the Panic

It is very normal for anyone involved in a traumatic event to surge into panic mode, and feel frozen as to what to do next. If you are hit by a car driver, call 911 without hesitation. Do not let the driver try to persuade you into not calling the police, as this is the driver’s way of only thinking about him or herself. The repercussions for hitting a bicyclist can be steep, so the driver may try to escape responsibility. Here are steps to take in the moments after a collision:

  1. Get off the road and somewhere safe, to prevent further damage or injury from occurring.
  2. If you are of stable health, get the driver’s information in addition to any witnesses present. If you are injured and not able to gather these details, an officer or bystander can do this for you instead.
  3. Take a photograph of the driver’s vehicle and license plate number, just in case he or she attempts to flee the scene.
  4. File an accident report with the responding officer, even if you aren’t sure if you were injured yet. Bicyclists may not realize they have been injured until hours later. If you weren’t able to provide a statement at the scene, you can amend the report at your local law enforcement office.
  5. Write down the details of the accident the same day in your own words, so you don’t start to forget elements of how the incident happened.
  6. Do not repair your bike or throw away any equipment that was damaged. Also, do not wash the clothes you were wearing as these may be examined if you pursue a lawsuit against the offending driver soon after.
  7. Meet with an attorney and bring along any documentation or pictures related to the accident, so you can receive a thorough case evaluation.

If you are wondering whether you are entitled to financial compensation for the bicycle accident, please contact us to book your consultation with an attorney. They have your best of interest at heart, and can advise you as to what steps you can take next. Act quickly before the driver thinks he or she was able to avoid taking responsibility for the accident.

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