Lawyers may sometimes (unfairly) get a bad reputation, but the truth is, when you need legal help, you’re relieved to have an experienced lawyer on your side. As a business owner, you can have peace of mind knowing that your company has someone to advocate for rights and protect its interests. If you have not yet partnered with legal counsel, now might be a good time to hire someone you trust. Even if you think everything is going smoothly, the time may come when you’ll need the expertise of an attorney. 

You’re Starting a Business

Business lawyers aren’t just for large corporations or well-established companies. Legal help is vital for startups as well. If you are in the beginning stages of launching a business venture, include a competent legal professional in the process. Skilled business lawyers can walk you through the legal requirements of setting up a business, including filing the necessary paperwork and helping you decide which type of business is right. Your attorney will guide you in choosing either a legal liability company, a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. Your lawyer will ensure that you have covered all your bases so you can legally get your business off the ground and running. 

You’re Concerned About Tax Issues

For some people, annual tax time is cause for anxiety. As a business owner, filing taxes is much more complicated and involved. Unless you have experience and expertise in taxation laws and procedures, you’ll want a tax attorney to guide you. First and foremost, a good lawyer can recommend an appropriate way to stay organized and keep tax records throughout the year. Your attorney will also know of tax credits and deductions your business can use to save you money. Plus, having a tax attorney on your side will reduce the risk of missing deadlines and getting into other trouble with the IRS. 

You’re Signing Contracts

Your business will likely be involved in setting up contracts with partners, vendors and even some employees. To ensure that these are legally binding and meet both parties’ needs, hire an attorney to look after the process. Your attorney will protect your company’s interests in the event of a breach of contract or a lawsuit. Running a business can be both a tremendous opportunity and a source of significant stress. You can relieve many worries by aligning yourself with an attorney that you know has your welfare in mind. 

Those who resonate with this information may want to speak with a business lawyer, similar to a business law lawyer at Bott & Associates, LTD., as soon as possible for further insight.