Uber Accident Lawyer Winder, GA

Many people rely on rideshare services like Uber to get to their destination. These alternate modes of transportation are essential for people who commute or need to get to their destination conveniently. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere. If you have been in an Uber accident, these are some of the parties that you can name in your lawsuit. 


Uber employs nearly 30,000 drivers in the U.S. They are classified as independent contractors, which is beneficial for Uber because they do not have to be responsible for their workers’ misconduct. The company does not want to deal with the issues that can happen if they had to be liable for their employees. However, Uber can still be named as a defendant if a victim involved in a rideshare accident decides to file a lawsuit. 

Your Uber Driver

In many cases involving rideshare accidents, the Uber driver is at fault because they were not operating their vehicle in a safe or proper way. Inform a lawyer if you were in an accident where your driver was driving recklessly, was distracted, or committed other actions that violated company policy and the law. If your accident injuries were the direct result of your rideshare driver’s actions, you can file a lawsuit against them. A skilled lawyer will review various means of recovering compensation, such as if they can take a portion of the driver’s wages.

Another Driver

You were in a rideshare vehicle and all of a sudden another motorist suddenly strikes your vehicle, causing you to suffer serious injuries. Many Uber accidents involve other drivers who caused the accident. The driver might have been speeding or was driving in a dangerous manner. In this case, you could name the other driver as a defendant in your lawsuit. 


Pedestrians must be extra cautious when they are walking near traffic. However, sometimes pedestrians do not look for oncoming cars, which can result in them or others getting injured. Some pedestrians are busy looking at their phone while they cross the street, and others choose to jaywalk, which is extremely dangerous. If you were in an accident that was caused by a distracted or reckless pedestrian, you can file a claim against them. 

Vehicle Manufacturer

As a Winder Uber accident lawyer like one at Norris Injury Law can tell you, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer if your accident is caused by a defective part or product. If a part was poorly designed, not assembled properly, or had some other kind of issue that caused it to not work as it should, then accident victims can pursue legal action against the company that manufactured it. 

Government Agencies 

Some Uber accidents occur because of construction projects or poor road conditions. For these cases, the local or state government can be held liable for any damages. They are responsible for maintaining the roads and completing any repairs for potholes, cracks and other issues. It may also be possible to sue the federal government, however it is much more difficult to achieve success because there are strict requirements. 

If you are seeking legal assistance after an Uber accident, schedule a consultation with a top-rated accident lawyer right away.