Experiencing the death of a loved one, especially an unexpected death, can be incredibly devastating. Losing that person in your life can have far-reaching effects, not only emotionally but also financially if he or she supported your family.

While nothing can replace this person, if their passing was caused by the actions of another person or business, there is a chance that you can at least collect financial compensation for your losses related to their passing. A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit filed by the family members of the deceased against the responsible party.

Acts that may qualify for a wrongful death lawsuit include:

  • Negligence such as poor driving
  • Intentional attack, murder or other criminal behavior
  • Work accident due to lack of safety equipment or exposure to hazardous substances
  • Medical malpractice

In general, for this type of claim to be pursued, you and the incident must meet certain criteria. The person or group you intend to sue were negligent or are responsible for the death by law and are either completely or partially at fault. You are the victim’s spouse, dependent or beneficiary, or these individuals are alive, and the death of the victim has caused monetary losses.

The compensation you might collect depends on the relationship between you and your loved one who has passed. For example, if you are the wife of the deceased, you might be entitled to compensation for financial support (especially if you have young children) as well as coverage for your loss of love and companionship. You can also collect:

  • Immediate losses from the funeral and medical bills
  • Anticipated future income
  • Lost benefits such as a pension and insurance
  • Lost inheritance
  • Pain and suffering of the victim or family
  • General and punitive damages

Keep in mind that state laws vary, and some damages may be slightly different or do not apply. There are also deadlines and statutes of limitations which should not be missed to ensure your case is valid, so it is best to take action sooner rather than later.

If you believe your loved one has died as a result of negligence or an intentional crime, it is vital that you speak with a wrongful death lawyer, like a Wrongful Death Lawyer, in  Lakewood FL from David & Philpot, P.L., who is familiar with these types of cases. They can determine if you have a case and will navigate the court system, help gather evidence, ensure you are treated fairly in court and improve your chances of collecting the compensation you deserve for your losses.