Any accident on the road can result in severe damage and injuries. Motorcycles are particularly prone to awful consequences. If you are injured by another motorist while you’re riding your motorcycle, it’s important to get the best legal help possible on your side. Not only will your attorney advise you on how to seek proper medical care, but this professional will take an unbiased look at your situation to determine whether you can collect compensation. If you were cited for speeding during the incident, your case may be a little more complicated. Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be awarded a settlement. Your lawyer will help make this determination.

Accident Aftermath

Immediately following an accident, you should get to safety and make sure everyone else involved is all right. Next, make sure you contact the police and stay at the scene. It’s essential that you exchange contact and insurance information with the other party or parties. Don’t ever admit to the other motorists that you were at fault or that you were speeding (if this was the case). Let the authorities come to this conclusion through their investigation.

So, You Got a Ticket

Excess speed is one of the leading causes of accidents on highways and streets. If your speeding violation played a role in the crash, it could be difficult to build a solid case in your favor to get compensation for injuries. Even if the speed didn’t play a major role in the accident, if you went over the speed limit leading up to the incident, an officer could still write you a ticket. However, don’t automatically assume you’ll be on your own to pay medical bills.

Steps Your Attorney Will Take

Attorney who specialize in motorcycle accidents, traffic laws and related injuries know how to look at the big picture in your case. It’s possible, for example, that you had to speed in order to evade an oncoming vehicle. Or, perhaps you were indeed speeding, but the other motorist involved in the accident was driving under the influence of alcohol or was intoxicated. Your lawyer will take all of these factors into account. He or she will be familiar with local laws and regulations and will do everything possible to get the best outcome for you.

You may be guilty of speeding leading up to your motorcycle accident, but this doesn’t always mean you can’t get a settlement from the auto insurance company to pay for your injuries. Consult an attorney today to find out more about your rights.


Source: Personal Injury Lawyer Trenton, NJ, Davis & Brusca, LLC